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For individuals and small organisations to stay secure.

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Free plan includes…

all these great features:

Unlimited tests on open source projects

200 tests per month on private projects

Cloud SCM integration ( and

Single click remediation

CI/CD pipeline integration

Continuous monitoring


$499 /month, annually per 25 developers

For small to medium organisations, enabling your developers to use open source securely, watching for security trends and license risks across your portfolio.

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Standard plan includes…

same as the Free plan, plus:

14 days free trial

Unlimited Tests

Org-wide reports

Bill of Materials

License testing

Rich API


$1499 /month, annually per 50 developers

For medium to enterprise size organisations using on-premises sources, custom triaging workflows and larger scale user management.

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Pro plan includes…

same as the Standard plan, plus:

Self-hosted SCM integration
(Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab)

Premium JFrog Xray integration


Jira integration

Teams & Groups

Custom Webhooks


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For organisations requiring enterprise-grade features, maximum protection throughout the entire SDLC, and priority support

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Enterprise plan includes…

same as the Pro plan, plus:

On-premises support

White-glove Support and SLAs

Dedicated Account Management

Custom legal terms

Early vulnerability notifications

Pricing FAQs

How do you count tests?

We count a test whenever you make a change to your dependencies on your default branch, and depending on your settings, whenever you create a pull request which changes those dependencies. But for the Snyk CLI, we count each call to snyk test or snyk monitor as a test.

What counts as a developer?

We refer to a developer as any active contributor to the projects you are securing with Snyk, who has made at least one commit in the last 90 days.

Are contributors to my open source projects counted?

Open source projects are unlimited when using the Free plan. When on a paid plan however, the contributors to these are counted towards the total number of developers we are considering for pricing. If you have many external open source contributors, contact us and we’ll sort it out

How do I access my on-premises SCM (GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, GitLab)?

Via our broker, which is an open source project that acts as a proxy brokering communication between and your on-premises source code management solution such as GitHub Enterprise, GitLab CE/EE, and Bitbucket server. We offer a full on-premises solution in the Enterprise plan.

What data is leaving my perimeter and going into the Snyk Cloud? What if I am not allowed to upload anything to the cloud?

Snyk tools aim to extract a dependency tree from your project using various techniques. A representation of this tree is uploaded into our backend to compare against our vulnerability database.

If your security constraints are not allowing this tree to leave your network, our on-premises version is then recommended. Contact us to learn more.

Do you have free plans for nonprofit or academic projects?

We do! You can add unlimited public repos to Snyk with our free plan. If your organisation uses private projects, please let us know.

How can I pay?

Prices are in USD. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Want to pay via invoice? Sure, just get in touch and we’ll sort it out.

Do you store any credit card information in your systems?

No. All credit card activity and information is handled by our third-party provider, Stripe. See Stripe’s Terms and Services.