Protect your applications from known vulnerabilities

Snyk continuously monitors your application's dependencies and lets you quickly respond when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

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  • Find Javascript, Ruby, Python, Scala and Java vulnerabilities with Snyk CLI
  • Check all your Javascript, Ruby, Python, Scala and Java GitHub repos for vulnerabilities
  • Scrutinise open source packages before using them
  • All powered by Snyk’s own vulnerability database
A screenshot of the Snyk website showing test reports alongside each project


  • Get visibility of your deployed applications dependencies
  • Continuously test your applications for known vulnerabilities.
  • Real time alerts when new vulnerabilities affect your code.
  • Support for AWS Lambda and Heroku apps.
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  • Upgrade or patch vulnerable dependencies
  • Get pull requests from Snyk with fixes for your Node.js and Ruby GitHub repos
  • Create pull requests with the fixes you want
  • Use the interactive Snyk wizard for Node.js to apply fixes quickly
? High severity vuln found in handlebars@3.0.0,
      introduced via handlebars@3.0.0
      - desc: Content Injection (XSS)
      - info:
        Remediation options
      > Upgrade to handlebars@4.0.0 (potentially breaking change)
      Patch (no patch available, we'll notify you when there is one)
      Set to ignore for 30 days (updates policy)


  • Get alerted when newly disclosed vulnerabilities affect your projects
  • Email and Slack notifications for new vulnerabilities and fixes
  • Automatic GitHub pull requests to fix the new vulnerability
  • Comprehensive information and remediation guidance for vulnerabilities
A screenshot of a GitHub Pull Request that fixes a vulnerability


  • Snyk tests in your GitHub pull requests flag code changes that add vulnerable Node.js, Ruby, Python, Scala and Java dependencies
  • Add snyk test to your Continuous Integration process to fail tests when vulnerabilities are detected
  • Customise for which severity level tests should fail, to suit your team’s needs and priorities


  • Watch your GitHub repositories automatically for security issues
  • Add Snyk to your Continuous Integration and Deployment process
  • Modify the Snyk policy to make the integration work for your team


  • Use Snyk Organisations to collaborate with your team
  • Administrator and Collaborator roles
  • Enable team members to find and fix vulnerabilities
  • Get the right people alerted about newly disclosed vulnerabilities


  • Subscribe to Snyk’s vulnerability database to find out about new vulnerabilities first
  • Learn about exploitability and recommended remediations
  • Curated by Snyk’s own research team

Find out if you have vulnerabilities that put you at risk

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  • Stay compliant
  • Customise your policy
  • Get alerted when a project includes a problematic license
  • Prevent dependencies with problematic licenses being included in your code
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  • An overview of your organisation's vulnerability status
  • A scannable list of all the known issues in your projects
  • An inventory of all the dependencies used in your projects
  • Details on all the licenses your projects use
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