Snyk helps you use open source and stay secure.

Continuously find & fix vulnerabilities in your dependencies

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Find vulnerabilities in your repos and remediate risks with updates and patches.

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Snyk for DevOps

Block vulnerable libraries in CI/CD, monitor PaaS/Serverless apps for dependency flaws.

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Snyk for Enterprise Security

Regain visibility into open source risk and empower your developers to address it.

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    • 120,000+ developers using Snyk
    • 1,000,000+ packages monitored
    • 100,000+ projects protected

    83% of organisations use vulnerable dependencies

    “It’s time to start scanning all of your open source components for known vulnerabilities. Doing so will eliminate the majority of your application security risk.”
    Neil MacDonald, Gartner

    How is Snyk different?

    • Best database of known vulnerabilities in libraries
    • Goes beyond finding issues to actually fixing them
    • Truly developer friendly, driving true adoption by the right teams
    • Protects full lifecycle, from source to pipeline to deployed apps
    A screenshot of Snyk testing GitHub repositories

    Great teams trust Snyk to protect their apps

    “Snyk’s immediate notification on a newly disclosed critical Ruby vulnerability enabled us to react quickly and upgrade our front-door applications using Snyk’s automation.”
    Tom Czarniecki, DigitalOcean

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    Announcing the 2017 State of Open Source Security Report

    Today we're excited to launch the 2017 State of Open Source Security Report! The full report is available as a free PDF, and the highlights are collected online.

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    Tim Kadlec's avatar Tim Kadlec November 16, 2017

    Why triaging might be going away

    One of the biggest bottlenecks in security is 'triaging'—the process of validating if a security alert is actually impacting your organization, sizing up the estimated impact, and figuring out how to resolve it. In this article, we'll make the case that we should all be striving to skip triaging and focus on fixing vulnerabilities instead.

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    Geva Solomonovich's avatar Geva Solomonovich November 02, 2017